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I have some very small, white, circular (some just half  or quarter circles), almost worm looking spots in my live rock and they seem to be spreading through my tank.  I don't see any on my fish and just wonder what they might be.

Hello Braxton:

From your description, (without seeing a picture), perhaps they are flatworms, which are often white in color, small and somewhat circular in shape. Type into Google's Image Search the keyword Saltwater Flatworms and see if this resembles what you have.

Natural methods of eradicating flatworms may include introducing flatworm eating marine life, including: mandarin dragonets, peppermint shrimp, and sixline wrasse amongst a few others...

There are formula's on the market that you can dose your aquarium with to help eradicate flatworms, however extreme caution should be practiced, as to not do more harm to your aquarium than good...

See the web page below from Orange County Aquarium Supplies in regards to a flatworm removal product called Flatworm Exit.

I wish you luck with all your future saltwater aquarium endeavors.

P.S. Let me know if Flatworms is what you have...


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