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Saltwater Aquarium/Equipment help for 75 gallon



Eshopps wd-100cs sump
Eshopps 120-s protein skimmer
Dannon 9.5 pump
Coralife turbo twist 3x 9 watt uv sterilizer
Aquaripure nitrate remover

In the sump the protein skimmer and return pump are a tight fit. I want to run the water to the sump through an 800 gph overflow out of the sump to a T (PVC) with a gate valve to down flow the water to 200 gph on one side so as to make the uv functional but not an indiscriminate killer. Branch the two back together with a Y(PVC) then through the nitrate remover and back into the tank. Will this work?? I'm getting a lot of conflicting feedback on the reef central. I have limited space under my tank so I would like to stick with the equipment I have.


your sumps does seem a bit full but im sure it will function fine. i dont see any reasons that method would not work, the best way is always just to try it out and see how things play out. this of course is not the best way to do things always or you could end up with some very expensive fish dead but for filtration and equipment it works.

as for feedback on reefcentral its hard to get a good idea, on those forums anyone that can type can give you false information. if on a forum only take info from some of the very trusted members on there. hope that helps.


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15 years in the reefing hobby and it has come to my attention this site needs some more informed experts.


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