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I have a 120 gallon salt water tank set up . Its seems all fine. I test it weekly and have it tested by local pet shops too. everything is doing great. My question is I usually set up a egg incubator in the summer for our duck eggs . I'm under the understanding that different gases will effect my tank . Will using my incubator in my house effect my tank?

Hi Brat:

Thank you for the question; i'm not sure how much help I can be in regards to your question...

If you believe the incubator is giving off gases that would be harmful to your home saltwater aquarium, then I would recommend placing the incubator in a room far away from the aquarium, or perhaps locate it in a shed-house equipped to accommodate an incubator.

Note: saltwater is comprised of some of the same elements found in the blood of the human body, therefore if the incubator is found to be harmful to your home saltwater aquarium, then long term exposure in the home may be harmful to you as well.

In conclusion I couldn't say with any certainty if the incubator would cause harm to your saltwater aquarium. I would contact the manufacturer of the incubator, as they should have all of this type of information on file.

I remember my father having an incubator in the house, to raise goslings and chickens, this was many years ago when I was a teenager, and I don't recall any ill effects it had on our aquariums at the time.

Hope the above information helps out some.



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