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I just got a figure eight puffer fish and didn't realize how much I was going to have to put into it. I've stumbled along the way over the past few days but I think I have it all set up. Based on what information I could find online I have anyway. The only thing I want to fix at this point is that the puffer is a messy eater and scraps of food sink to the bottom of the tank. Is there any scavenger that is safe to put with him? I know they do best on their own, but I don't really want to have to clean the gravel every few days. So, any ideas on what I can do?



i am not very well informed when it comes to brackish tanks but ill give your question a go. figure eight puffers get rather large to my knowledge so make sure you have a suitable tank for it.

and yes, puffers really as a species are known for being very messy aggressive eaters. there is nothing you can do about that. im not sure what sort of clean up crew you can really have in a brackish tank but i do know that a puffer will eat any crustaceans. so at this point it is really up to just a substrate dwelling fish. A white tip shark (cat) or black tip (can be fresh, salt or brackish) and will clean the bottom

Silver or green scats also make great puffer tank mates and will not only eat from the surface but will scavange the bottom as well.

hope this helps. and good luck.


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