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QUESTION: Hi David, I was at my local fish store to pick up a lawnmower blends for some green hairline algae, well the fish store sold me on a unicorn tang saying he will do better in my tank. So I bought him as he was a great price, he's about 3 inches so he's a juvvy anyways I got home and did some research and found out how big they get. Well I have a 55 gallon tank but it's a cube tank. (34 inches aross) so it's not to small but deff not big enough for the fish. My question is will I be able to keep him in the tank for a year or so and when he gets two big trade him in at the fish store? He's a beautiful fish and I would love to keep him if he will be Ok while his little. Thanks for all your help!

ANSWER: Hi Taylor:

Thank you for the question.

Your local fish store should have made you aware of the minimum tank size required for an adult Unicorn Tang, which is generally around 360 gallons...

With the proper care and pristine water conditions you should be able to keep your juvenile Unicorn Tang in your 55 gallon aquarium momentarily while it grows, provided there is space for him to swim freely back and forth in the aquarium. Unicorn Tangs are a schooling type fish, so they require open space to swim freely in the water column.

I wish you success with all of your saltwater aquarium endeavors.


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QUESTION: Thank you for such a quick reply. I do have one more question after closely examining the tang I see what looks like a small clump of maybe 3 bumps on him. It doesn't appear to look like ich, and it's only in that one area. He is already eating and the LFS said they have had him for 2 weeks so he's not a fresh shipped fish. Should I be concerned of ich, as this is only in one spot? Thank you so much for your help!

Hi Taylor:

It's definitely something to keep a close eye on... unfortunately I couldn't say for certain would it could be. Contact your local fish store where you purchased your fish, and see if they have experienced what you're experiencing with your fish.


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