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i have little creatures that look like cleaner shrimp babies but they are all over the place in my tank. and i think they are killing my fish. what can i do? what are they?

the small things are most likely just amphipods, not at all dangerous and actually somewhat beneficial as they even offer a secondary food source for your fish often times. now if you are having fish die that is a whole other problem as these will in no way cause fish deaths. i suppose another problem with your tank would be causing those problems. if you believe so please follow up this question with more specs about your tank. such as tank size, water parameters, current live stock and so on and so forth.

hope that helps.


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i have about 15 years of experience in the reefing hobby but have been keeping aquariums for about 20, i am up to date on all the latest equipment such as led lighting, dosers, the new tanks available such as the red sea max and i can help you with many creatures that most other people have never even kept before such as sehorses, cephs, and sharks and rays.


15 years in the reefing hobby and it has come to my attention this site needs some more informed experts.


masters degree in marine biology

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