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Saltwater Aquarium/Fibreglass in marine tank.


Hi Marcus I wonder if you can help me. I have an aqua reef 200 and been keeping fish for about 5 years. My tank is stable been running for about 3 years. Everything is healthy. My question is with the tank I got an AF-80L protein skimmer (stock) with the tank and at the time i was a bit clueless with using it. I was a bit inpatient with it and the canister snapped off the base and the Venturi cracked. I bought a Tunze skimmer to keep my water clean but im only getting round to fixing the stock one now. Will fibreglass be ok to seal the crack and fix the canister to the base and not be harmful to my livestock? The fibreglass I have is GRP. Thanks

Hello there Paul,

I am sory about the late replay, sometimes their are problems with the site and i do not get an email right away when i get your question immediately.

As for your question, im thinking its best to play it safe and only use sealant that is aquarium safe, as it does exist and im pretty sure you can find it at most home improvement stores.

hope that helps!


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