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Listen, i set up a 38 gallon Aquarium, its basically 38" x 12" x 19" and i desperately need to add a new light fixture to it, I Hate T5's but can not afford LED's and i was wondering, before i spend my money on this fixture, could u tell me if it will support a Reef setup with coral? or will it be to much wattage, or too little? thank you

This is a high output T5 fixture so yes it should support a reef, its similar to my fixture which I grow speciality zoa's and Ricordia but can support more. I just like these personally but you should be to support anything you wish, hammer/frogspawn/ torch corals, scrolls, plates, brains and even stony corals. This light will be bright so be sure to light acclimate your corals, start them at the bottom and slowly (over weeks) move them to where you want them so you don't shock them. Or bleach them. Rotate new lights in two at a time then wait a week for the next set, they should be changed 6 months to every year roughly. Depends on the wear some last longer but that is based on how much growth you want, rotating them out sooner will keep growth steady but waiting it will slow. Hope this helps you. :)

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