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"I'm sure this is probably an easy one and has probably been asked many times before but...
what is the white, stringy, like wet rice noodles, stuck all over the inside of my overflow. They start out maybe a cm long and grow to maybe 1 inch max. the are not pineapple sponge, pretty sure of that, they aren't round or fuzzy. they just look like rice noodles and stuck all on the walls of the inside part of the overflow.
What are they and should I do anything about them, harmless??

Thanks Maggie
( in case you want to know, I'm running a 90G reef, with a 30g sump--6 months in)"

Hi Maggie:

Nice to meet you...

These are in the tube worm family and are actually often called rice noodle worms; there are many varying species so it would be hard to pinpoint exactly which species is inhabiting your sump; they are harmless and pose no threat. They are filter feeders so they actually contribute.

Thanks for the question.

I wish you the best of luck with all your future saltwater aquarium endeavors.

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