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Coral placement
Coral placement  
I have an Stylopora pistillata milka SPS coral that is dying.
I can't keep my SPS corals alive and I don't understand what is the problem.
Every time when I buy a new SPS it dies after 1-2 months.
I have no problem with the LPS are fine.

Here is the levels in my aquarium

Phosphate 0,25mg/L
Nitrite: 0,5mg/L
KH 7,7 dKH
Mg 1410 ppm
Ca 500 ppm
Salinity 1,025
Temperature 25c
Good water circulation
I use active carbon + de*nitrate in the external filter (have no sump)

I am using LED light (

My Aquarium is 350L = 92 US gal
2 years old.

Any idea?


Nice to meet you.

From looking at your images, I'd say right away that the dying coral is located in proximity way too close to your Giant Green Toadstool Leather Coral. Leathers as well as other species of corals have the ability to sting, they can also emit chemicals to ward off other corals, that over time can be deadly to neighboring corals. Toadstools can also produce a waxy coating that usually covers most of the coral, and when it sheds this waxy coating it can irritate other corals that it may come to rest upon. Leathers must be placed where they will have enough room to continue growing, as they are a faster growing coral.

Often times Leathers can get along with neighboring corals for several years, then as the corals get larger they will slowly start to kill off neighboring corals, and unfortunately usually it's too late by the time the hobbyist notices what's actual going on; this is because the signs of corals at war with each other is extremely hard to see. A 24 hour loop camera feed can be set up with a high speed camera to actually catch corals going to war with each other, this is called "coral chemical warfare".

Some hobbyists will often have a dedicated aquarium just for Leathers.

Thanks for the question, I wish you the best of luck with all your future saltwater endeavors.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


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