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I have two seahorses that I got at my local pet store ..
I have a 27 gal tank all new sent a month setting it up to get there tank right for them. I wanted make sure nothing would go wrong.. let the pet store mix my salt water got the frozen food for them that what they been feeding on ,, I have had them for about a week ,,, One doing fine eating good  swimming ...the other I think is sick was eating.. but  now it has not eaten for 24 hours .. dark in color .. stays in same spot.. it rubs it side on the on the rock like it trying to get something off ..these are babies or young ones what have I done wrong and how can I help it...

Hello Darla,

Sorry for the late reply i have been having some computer troubles but now i am here to help. I have kept many seahorses in my time and i can tell you one thing, they are QUITE fragile, one thing i worry about is that you said your tank sat a month before you put the horses in? did you make sure that the tank had cycled completely before introducing the horses? if not then this is most definitely the problem, there are only a few fish that can handle the extreme water parameters of an uncycled tank and seahorses are not one of them. Seahorses need to have impeccable water conditions, and also it is great you got one eating frozen food, as often it is very difficult to get them to eat anything but live brine shrimp or other live foods.

It would be awesome if you could follow up this question with a little more info such as water parameters, how much rock is in the tank, how much sand, what type of lighting, any other livestock? and anything else you feel needs to be added in.

I hope this helps you out a bit Darla.


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