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ho, i got a new lionfish, i know that its venomous and can kill in 30 minutes, but to know, is there anyway i can remove the poison from it? or take a booster for its poison, or can its poison be cured anyway in case someone touched it? please tell me if any of these have an answer. and thank you :)

Hi there,

I'm not sure where you heard that but rarely do people die from Lionfish, mostly only in extreme allergic reactions.  The lionfish have Neurotoxic  which generally in humans is very painful and may cause dizziness. There is nothing really you can do to stop it if stung but you can make things better by soaking the affected area in hot water for 30 minutes or so but not boiling hot.

I highly recommend you read this write up from National Geographic about lionfish stings.

I hope this is helpful for you and with handling your new lionfish. :)

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