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I have a 220 gallon saltwater fish only tank it has three yellow tangs a dog face puffer, wrasse, had two clowns but the tangs killed one, and a fox face rabbit. I also had a damsel but the lfs told me to take the damsel out because that is what was probably killing my fish, so I did. WRONG it's the yellow tangs they are bullying everything in my tank and things are dying off one at a time. Is there anything I can do or do I just need to take them out?

Yes your best answer is to remove two of the Tangs as they tend to gang up on others . If you wanted to take them all out and get a completely new yellow tang that also is an option as this one will not have  bad habits left behind. Otherwise most tank owners learn the harmony of their own tanks with time and usually know what is best as fish compatibility between residents.

It maybe a tough job catching them but sometimes training them to eat out of the net for awhile till their comfortable is an easy trick then just swoop them up. :) good luck!

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