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Swedish wrote at 2010-10-08 14:01:23
Remember, here they come , beat the drums, here they come the S.F. giants.  Was that a part of the Bye Bye Bye song?

eileen wrote at 2010-10-28 02:45:40
William G Richardson wrote "Here they come, beat the drum, Here they come the San Francisco Giants!"

M. Jelinski wrote at 2010-11-03 20:03:51
Oh good I'm not crazy!!!

I remember a song The SF Giants

from the 60's aired on the radio

and it had "here they come, beat

the drum, the SF Giants" in it,

but it was a different song than

the one played today....

There was a particular announcer

who played it on a morning show.

I can hum the song if I have to!!!

scotman365 wrote at 2012-09-12 20:27:02
I heard this as "San Francisco 49ers" not Giants.  

Mike Skala wrote at 2014-07-06 01:15:34
There was a Giants song played on the local radio station back in the early '60s, probably 62, playoff against the Dodgers, maybe KYA or KEWB.  I remember the lyrics included "Hiller" and "Haller", and there was a verse similar to "..with a wham, bam, he hit a grand slam."  I've been looking for that dog for years.

Greg Ridenour wrote at 2015-10-18 03:18:45
I grew up in Chicago but remember parts of this song from a 45 rpm vinyl record:

Here they come, beat the drum,

Here they come, the San Francisco Giants.

What a team, they're supreme,

They're the cream, the San Francisco Giants.

When the ump shouts, "OK, let's play ball!"

O, Beware you Dodgers, Braves, and all.

For they can rock 'em, and they can sock 'em,

And they can belt that old pill from home to Knob Hill,

The Golden Gate to the Empire State.

And flying high at Candlestick a flag of fame,

A-waiving glory to the Giants, the San Francisco Giants,

the finest in our nation's game.

Now listens friends, do you recall,

The names of Giants in the history of baseball?

There's John McGraw, his teams were thrilling;

In baseball's annals he had to have top billing.

And to Long George Kelly any fence,

Was just a load of wood to hit a ball against.

If there was trouble, they'd send for Hubble...

(memory fails here)  

Bill wrote at 2016-07-08 15:37:42
I had the original version on a record I got just prior to the 1958 season, the first in SF which was played at Seals Stadium.  The first six lines I recall are the same as Greg Ridenour posted.  Then I have a brain cramp.  However, the song concludes with:

Antonelli, Barclay, Grissom,

Gomez, Broglio

Our fancy Dans at pitching

While behind the plate

Schmidt, Thomas, and Katt

Will mystify the other guy

When he comes to bat

With Billy Rigney, Cepeda, and Sauer

Three Willies

White, Kirkland, Mays

O'Connell, Jablonski

With Spencer and Lockman

to keep things hotski

So pardon if we talk a lot

Seem to brag

About new baseball in our city

We're sitting mighty pretty

With the Giants' club for 58.

San Francisco Giants

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