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I am going to an afternoon game at AT and T Park in June, where is the best place to sit away from the sun and not windy? 2nd Question, how is the Caltrain for transportation for a weekday afternoon game compared to night game? Are the fans there mad at Milkey Cabrera for what he did even though the Giants won the world series? Just curious on that one.

The best bet for being away from the sun and wind is to stay between rows 28-35 in the promenade level (lower box) sections or to try the Club level.  for the Club level, avoid the sections toward the ends of the bowl (201-204 and 328-335).  I'm not sure about the wind patterns in the View deck, but all those seats will be exposed to the sun, as will any in the bleachers or arcade sections.

CalTrain runs special trains for game days regardless of the time, so just be sure to check the schedule.  Where are you coming from?

Honestly, the fans seem to have forgotten about Melky pretty quickly after his suspension and nearly entirely by the time the team won the World Series.  The arrival of Marco Scutaro helped with that a great deal.

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