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Satellite Communications/Relation between Antenna sizr & TX Bandwidth Capacity


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I want to Know the Relation between Antenna size and TX Bandwidth Capacity.e.g. What is the Max Bandwidth which can be Transmitted from 1.8 Meter Antenna & why ?



Many thanks for your question.  

There is no real relation in principle between the antenna diameter and the bandwidth that can be transmitted. The bandwidth that can be uplinked depends on the link budget , in other words the ability to transmit enough power to overcome the noise on the link. A smaller antenna will make it harder to close the link (i.e. to get an acceptable C/N, carrier to noise ratio), but in theory this can be overcome by putting more power into the antenna.

So, theoretically, you can transmit a very large bandwidth through a small antenna by transmitting a large amount of power into it.

Practically, of course, there are limits. The antenna will have a frequency response, and if the bandwidth you try to transmit is very large then the signal will be degraded by the antenna frequency response. Also, if you try to put a lot of power into the antenna then you may suffer a physical breakdown of the antenna.

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