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Satellite Communications/use of prime focus feed vice feed of cassegrain reflector


dear sir:
I'm implementing a five meters cassegrain antenna working in KU band for use in Tv transmition (linear), its very difficult to find the conical KU band to illuminate the reflector, to transmit to the satellite for the cassegrain antenna, for this reason im looking to change and to use a prime focus feed, what kind of problems will i find?, what about the phase of the transmition wave? and another kind of problems, i have enough WR75 KU wave guide.would you recommend some prime focus feed??.maybe this feed located in the focal point another conical horn???.

Samuel Cardenas.

try these references.
if your problem is the feed, finding the right one could prove equally difficult for a cassegrain assembly as for a center feed assembly/
i presume you intend to use conical horns as a feeding system.

try these references, and you might need to build your own feed horn  

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