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I have a question about a VSAT system that I own. The system that I have is using Ku band and my provider asked if I could switch to Hylas 2 which is a Ka satellite. My question is what would it take to convert it to Ka? I'm assuming the LNB & SSPA, does the focal point for the feed change too? Probably the feed itself? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Mr Tony,
Complete front end needs changes for switching over from Ku to Ka. Feed needs to be replaced and LNA/LNBC as well as SSPA. And in case the IF, needs to be checked for Bandwidth specifications, may need change. It is not just the focal point but complete Feed needs replacement. The only useful material may be The Reflector, if it is not Mesh, else even that needs replacement!
I recommend a complete Ku band system with compatible Indoor Unit.

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