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Satellite Communications/Differences in link budget calculation for Ka & Ku


I used to do link budget for Ku-band VSAT network. If for Ka-band, what aspects (parameters) I should care about. Are there some public free link budget calculators for Ka-band ?


Many thanks for your question.  

Fundamentally a Ku-Band and a Ka-Band link budget are rather similar in approach. The main issue that you are going to have to be careful about is to deal with the significantly higher rain attenuation that you will experience at Ka-Band. You will have to ensure that you take account of any available uplink (and downlink) power control, and then build sufficient margin into your link to ensure that it remains available for the desired percentage of time under the Ka-Band fade conditions that cannot be compensated for by power control.

I am not aware of any Ka-Band specific Link Budget calculators, however the Satmaster Pro link budget tool from Arrowe ( is very good, and a demonstration version is available for free.

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