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What's the typical rf input level of a Ku Band LNA?

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Reading a typical datasheet, one can see (for example) gain = 50 dB and P1dB = +10 dBm.
In this case the maximum aggregate (total) input power is +10 - 50 = -40 dBm.
In order to operate linear, it is advised to work 10 dB away from this 1 dB compression point.
So in this case I would target a maximum input power of - 50 dBm.

The minimal power at the input will depend on the dynamic range of the receiver that is connected. Typically this is about 50 dB so an input power between -50 and -100 dBm would be ok. Of course this is total aggregate power and assuming that when the input power at the LNA is - 50 dBm, the receiver's input level is maximal. This will in term depend on the loss of cables and gain of the downconverter.

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