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Hi Dave,

Based on your experience, where is the advisable points to split the downlink signals. Is it at the RF signal (C-band), or at the fibre level or at the IF level. Bear in mind that we want to minimize the impact on signal level if additional splitter is introduce.

Hope to hearing from you.

Thank you

Hi Tukang,

If you have a fibre link and this link has the possibility for dual output, that would be the best place as there are no additional losses. If that is not possible (or too expensive) I would suggest to slit at the lowest freuquency possible. That way the splitter is cheapest. As for the losses, they are the same regardless of frequency. Theoretically it is 3 dB, in reality it is a bit more, you would need to check the datasheets of the splitter for that.

I hope this helps, Dave

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