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 would you please till me how much is the distance between satellites in the same orbit & how can interference been minimized between satellites using the same frequencies & does two satellite have the same frequencies can share the same coverage area ?

many thanks

Hi Mujtaba,

That is indeed a good question, thanks for that.

The spacing between adjacent satellites is usually between 2 and 3 degrees.

The directivity and opening angle of antennas is such that they will only pick up signals from the satellites they are pointed to. Some power (interference) can be picked up in the side lobes. Specially for small antennas with a larger "opening angle" but this is just taken into account within the linkbudget and will reduce the maximum achievable C/N (and corresponding modcod or efficiency).

There might be some limitiations imposed by the satellite operator in uplink and downlink EIRP (power) in order to limit interferences caused by ASI (adjacent satellite interference)

Two or more satellites can indeed cover the same coverage area but it is the directivity of the antenna that allows "picking out" the signal from the desired satellite only.

I hope this is clear, if not, let me know.

Kind regards, Dave

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