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Hi Mr.Rao,
I would like to know why we need to confirm the current polarisation of any cross-pole satellite during uplink.

Hi Mr Sumit,
There are two primary reasons for polarization compatibility. Both transmit and receive sides need to be compatible to the Satellite specifications. Otherwise, during transmission if you are a little bit away from the LOS of the satellite of your service, you will be interfering with the other satellite reception. Similarly in the receive side. Particularly in the modern satellite communications systems with higher spectrum bands like Ku and Ka etc., the same satellites use multi polarization feeds and also co located satellites use similar polarization orthogonally. The satellite Operators also will not qualify the Earth Station for use of their Transponders if this confirmation is not achieved.
Also cross polarization does not mean there is no leakage in the other polarization: only the limit should not be exceeding.
So it is mandatory that the actual numbers have to be achieved for polarization pattern.
Specifically your answer would be more and more relevant if the satellites may be collocated!!

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