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I have an antenna of 9 mts before to talk to the satellite operators they
ask me what is my radiation pattern in my reception

How can I do my radiation pattern in the reception
what are the terms?

Thank you Im looking forward for your answer

Have a nice day

Antenna Pattern
Antenna Pattern  

Please refer to the following websites for a detailed answer to your question. indicates that a radiation pattern defines the variation of the power radiated by an antenna as a function of the direction away from the antenna. This power variation as a function of the arrival angle is observed in the antenna's far field. defines the far field and the conditions that must be satisfied to be in the far-field region. provides a menu relating to antenna measurements and it describes the equipment that you will need: the source antenna; the transmitting systems; the test antenna; the receiving system; and the positioning system. describes the various types of ranges. describes how to measure the antenna gain as a function of the spherical angles theta (ϴ) and phi (Ф). Please note the caveat near the end of this web page: the radiation pattern that you measure is correct for a given polarization of the source antenna.

The attached figure illustrates what you might expect to find. It shows gain versus theta (ϴ).

I hope that this answers your question satisfactorily. If it does not, please get back to me. However, if it does, I would appreciate it if you would complete the survey.

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