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Could you please shed some lights on the meaning of low PIM antenna. Why we should have low PIM antenna to operate in a multiple carrier across a restricted frequency range?

Hi Mr John,
PIM is expanded as Passive Inter Modulation and the antenna designers, specifically for mobile communications, do need to be highly careful in the design stages. PIM is a process where new undesired RF noise byproducts are created when more than one desired RF signals are present. There is a possibility of the byproducts interfering with the desired signal. How much this presence causes depends on the type of materials used for antenna fabrication. There are certain Industry standards defining the levels of PIM and the most important parameter being the Third Order intercept signal of minus 150 dBc is the target spec for designing low PIM antenna.
Communication system configurations, that are particular of PIM affect for multi-frequency and site co-ordination highly congestion environments, require low PIM antennas.Cheers/GTRao

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