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Thanks Mr.TIRUMALA, but still I didn't get it how to calculate PEB if BW:1.6MHz, and Saturated EIRP:41.1dBW, what else is required to calculate PEB. as it just sent to me by sat operator PEB:0.718MHz. Thanks in advance.

Hi Mr Mashkov,
Sat Operator, when he/she mentions that PEB is 0.718MHz, he/she is indicating
that your share of SAT EIRP with all OBO considered will be the maximum you
can get. If you asked for a bandwidth of 1.6 MHz and your link budget indicates
that you require power more than pro-rata of EIRP/MHz, then it is told that
your power requirements are more than your bandwidth can accommodate pro rata.
So the pricing depends on which of the parameter as resource is given to you.
If power is more as per Link Budget, then you will get charged for PEB even
if you use less Bandwidth. If bandwidth is more then you get less power per MHz
and charged for Bandwidth.

As I understand from the figures you are mentioning above, you want a
bandwidth of 1.6 MHz but the power requirement is equivalent to
(from EIRP) 0.718 MHz only. The indication is that you are charged for
Bandwidth and not for Power.

For actual calculation of how much power you get is just: calculate pro-rata
on SAT EIRP after OBO and then fit into how much power is available for
your service in 0.718 MHz. You can use this power ONLY in a bandwidth of 1.6 MHz.

Finally You will get approximately 19/20 dBW of EIRP [from the figures you gave
earlier and now] from Satellite and you can use this in 1.6 MHz.

However this(41.1 minus 19) is NOT designated as MARGIN: This is the power
available to you when shared with all other users in the transponder with
various bandwidth requirements. Thats all!!

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