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Dear sir , i want to ask about the voltage we choose when we work usually on spectrum analyzer , like we choose 18V for horizontal and 13V for Vertical and what is 22k for in satellite receivers ?


Hi Mr Ammar,
You are not clear in terms of Voltage and SA. We set voltage for aligning the polariser direction to move the polariser MOTOR when provision is there to adjust the position of the feed or the stub in the feed to get the maximum signal observed in Spectrum Analyser. This voltage has nothing to do with SA display.
I understand that when you keep the Motor control voltage at 18 V, the stub will make the feed polarisation for Vertical polarity and at 13 V it will match with Horizontal Polarity: that's what it is.
I did not understand the 22 k specification. What parameter you are referring to can be made clear. If it noise temperature specification then it conveys that LNBC you use for the receiver should be 22K (22Kelvin): that means low noise performance LNBC.
Hope my assumptions are what you may be meaning and next time please be more elaborate on the parameters and Units you mention for the parameter to enable me to answer better.
Thanks and cheers/GTRao

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