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If my signal is QPSK modulated having data rate 100 Mbps, FEC-1/2 rate and without any pulse shaping filter, then how much bandwidth is required for distortion-less transmission?

Can post modulation filtering be done to save the bandwidth and what is minimum bandwidth required?

First question:
Please refer to
Assuming that 100 Mbps is the information rate, the values that you provided result in following:
Data rate (Mbps) = 200
Symbol Rate = 100 Msym/s
3-dB BW = 100 MHz
Occupied BW = 119 MHz
Allocated BW = 135 MHz
Second question:
It is good practice to place a low-pass filter between modulator and HPA to reduce the level of higher-frequency harmonics. If you tried to reduced occupied bandwidth with a combination of low- and high-pass filters, I believe that you would distort the signal.
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