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Hello Tirumala,

I have bought a spectrum analyzer connect it with the LNB of my VSAT antenna and use FW and beacon to find the satellite and fine pointing the antenna.

1-At this step I need to use provided data (beacon and FW carrier frequencies) to locate and identify the satellite and fine point the antenna to achieve max. SNR (signal to noise ratio).

For that, I would like you to show me what functions (procedures or steps) of the spectrum analyzer to use in order to:

-Measure Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) measured at LNB output:
-Measure Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) measured at Modem output:
-Measure RX Es/No, RX Eb/No, RX SNR in dB:
-Measure RSL in dBm:
-Measure 1dB Compression in dBm:
-Measure X-Polarization in dB:
-Measure Nominal Tx Power in dBm:

Looking forward to hearing from you, I remain.

Best regards


Hi Isidore,
Let me clarify that Beacon is not used for measuring Signal to Noise ratio but is used for measuring Carrier to Noise for alignment towards the satellite.
Once you are clear of this, you may align the antenna for optimum signal strength by moving the antenna in Azimuth and Elevation and then maximise Beacon Level by adjusting Polarisation.
All other measurements you mentioned are signal characteristics of a modulated Signal and Beacon is NOT modulated: it is available in the Satellite BUS for specific purpose of IDENTIFICATION of the Correct satellite at its location (Effectively it is the address of the satellite).

What you may be meaning by FW is not clear to me, you may clarify.


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