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I can't tell you how much I hate paying for satellite service and only having about 5 channels that have anything on them worth watching. We are on a very low, low income and my husband is very ill and he loves watching NASCAR Races. So we must pay for the highest price programing to get the races.Which is about $80 a month.Is there any way to get these channels without using Satellite or cable? If you can.t answer this for us can you direct me to someone who might know. I already have a roku and it really is of no use. Thanks Pat


I really wish that I could help you, but I am struggling with the same dilemma.

Both the cable and satellite services have a business model that involves bundling a large number of channels into various packages. In your case, you probably have to subscribe to ESPN with many, many sports channels in order to get NASCAR.

I am in a similar situation… I use cable and the lowest-cost bundle that I can find includes about 100 channels, almost all of which are of no interest to me.

There is a growing trend for consumers to bypass the bundlers (Brighthouse, TimeWarner, DISH…) and connect directly via the Internet to programming companies such as HBO. I am moving in that direction, but there is a problem. They bundlers also provide the Internet connection that you need. As more and more people bypass the bundlers, the bundlers will raise the prices they charge for Internet access, and they probably will do so until the government forces them to back down.

The only suggestion that I can make, and I know that it’s not at all satisfying, is for you to write your elected officials and push for the right to purchase only specific channels of interest. Even if they respond favorably, change will not happen overnight.

I am truly sorry that I can’t be of more assistance.

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