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Satellite Communications/Spreading in In-Flight Satellite communication to reduce interference


Hi Tirumala,

I am new to the Satellite communication industry, I work as a Satellite communication engineer and i have to do a lot Link budget analysis. But where i am having problem is when to specify spreading for in-flight satellite communication in my link budget analysis, there are regulations that states that you can transmitter a certain amount of power in the aircraft from the Antenna to mitigate against Adjacent Satellite Interference and Interference in to other aircraft antenna. can you please explain the concept of in-route speed spreading and the ITU or FCC regulation associated with it. You can also suggest any book that i can read to help or website to go too.

Thank you

Hi Mr Temi,
Normally spreading is the term used for frequency in Doppler context for moving systems. In Flight communications gets affected because of movement and continuous locking to carrier frequewncies require highly stable oscillators. I am not sure whether ITI has yet given specific standards for inclusion in Lionk zusdgets for this parameter. Also as I understand from the available studies, Inflight communications is an emerging application mostly used in Reputed Airlines and but to limited extent!! May be some time later more information may emerge on both Literature as well as standards. Specifically I am not aware of any Book that refers this point with respect to Link Budgets or any related calculations, since the research on this is carried mostly in Industry and most of the information is IPR. Of course I can confidently tell that the spreading is nothing to do with Antenna or other aircraft.

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