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Lawrence F. Fruchtman wrote at 2009-03-04 22:52:30
I also remember the skit.  I can only add to your description in the hopes that it jars someone elses memory.  They were sitting around a coffee table and three of them shared a couch.  I think Bill Murray was in it.  Definitely someone drank the milk as it came out of the other persons nose.  Using a cup to fill it up and then also laughing it out of his nose.

Rex wrote at 2009-03-14 01:39:31
It was a "Larry's Corner" skit which first aired on 10/08/1983.  It truly was one of the funniest skits SNL ever had but I can't locate any video footage.

R wrote at 2010-07-21 16:30:22
No footage, but here's some more info (and a couple of screen-grabs):

ddub72 wrote at 2010-10-18 18:44:02
I believe this skit is on the best of SNL 1983.  Only thing I have seen is VHS which you can get on Amazon for $8.41 or used for under $4.

Anonymous Coward wrote at 2010-12-31 00:31:18
This episode was from the early 1980's and was notable as it was the one in which Buckwheat was assassinated. I don't remember the details of the sketch, but it was a guy with his high school buddies on a TV show. One guy made fart sounds under his armpit and another guy snarfed milk from his nose. The skit was interrupted by "Ted Koppel" announcing that Buckwheat had been shot.

tvsound wrote at 2011-01-14 21:04:40
I believe there were three people involved with that skit. One guy was making an under the arm fart noise, another was drinking milk and making it coe out of his nose and the third guy laughing at it all.  

Tiggerlane wrote at 2011-04-29 22:07:12
I remember this skit was a reunion, where they were remembering each other from high school.  One "kid" was famous for drinking anything...another was famous for milk coming out of his nose when he laughed...and the other was famous for making the farting sound.  So, of course, I remember the one guy literally positioning himself UNDER the guy with milk coming out of his nose, just to get a better drink!  It was hysterical!!

Mark wrote at 2012-03-27 01:30:01

hottyson wrote at 2016-01-20 05:39:32
Thanks for the answers. I searched and found the exact location of this skit. I is in SNL season 9 episode 1. It is in fact an episode of Larry's Corner. Enjoy!

comox wrote at 2016-09-26 08:55:04
Found it here:

Yes, I remember this skit well from when it first aired.   Possibly the funniest thing my 12-year-old mind ever witnessed.

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