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Saturn Repair/1992 Saturn seatbelt problem


Jamesgeers wrote at 2008-04-17 19:50:13
I just happened to come across you question and I may have the answer.  My wife and I had a 94 Saturn SL2 and had the same problem.  Directly between the seats and under the cup holder lies a control module.  If anything was spilled in the cup holder, this will be wet and shorted out.  This is a common problem and when I dug mine out of the console it was still smoking.  I was able to get one for cheap at a junk yard and it worked fine.  Also, I wrapped it in plastic to prevent future problems.  


Joshua wrote at 2008-06-16 22:51:07
I recently took apart the seatbelt on my 1992 Saturn SL1 4 door.  The slider was stuck near the full rear position.  Problem: Grease.  Yes grease over time and heat and weather turns into more of a burden than a lubricant.  The slider lubricant was now sticky and resulted in a steel cable failing and breaking.  I am currently looking at fixing this but im sure i have to buy the entire assembly and not just the simple steel cable.

The way the mechanism works.  A Motor rotates a drum that houses the cable.  There is an actuator on both sides of the seat belt position that deactives it when the seat belt reaches that point.  When the door opens you should hear the motor, and when it shuts you should hear the motor again.  It stops automatically after about 20 seconds.

vegaminian wrote at 2009-07-01 18:06:01
My '92 SL,1.9L, SOHC had this seatbelt problem that was remedied by my calling a dealer who explained that the fuse/amp were ugraded from 5 to 10 amp. I found the diagram and changed that fuse to a 10 amp and it solved my problem.

john wrote at 2015-03-24 23:58:24
on Saturn automat seatbelt if your is failing you need to let the slider go all the to the rear then pull out the fuse then the slider will lock their

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