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jack wrote at 2009-10-03 23:59:17
hahah umm yea there is a cam position sensor dude i just changed mine..... its located on the transmission side of the block so if you at the front of your car the right side of the engine just below the egr valve

Fixorepairdaily wrote at 2010-02-21 04:40:34
Jack was questioning the Saturn expert!?  Silly dude....I have a 94 and 96 SC1 and they have CRANKSHAFT position sensors, not camshaft position sensors.  When older vehicles have vacuum leaks coupled with weak ignition components or sensors that perform intermittently as they heat up, it fools the OBD I diagnostic algorithm and the PCM posts an incorrect fault code.  The control system is simple enough to where you can think things through and figure out the problem with a little help from your friends on-line or the poor parts grunt at the popular auto parts stores.  The SC1s have a brother hood of sorts!  Don't be afraid to ask questions; learn from one another's problems...fixing them can be fun if you have a spare ride!!

sgt.chevy wrote at 2011-08-17 22:46:28
The ckp sensor or crankshaft sensor is located on the back of the engine block just behind the starter,it can not be seen to well you will need a 10 mm socket and a short extension in 1/4 drve to remove it.

Jeffrey Dranetz wrote at 2011-09-14 11:34:00
I was on that Snipe Hunt, too.  An error message test at Autozone revealed it. However, I think the clerk misread the abbreviation. So, I am assuming Crankshaft Position Sensor instead. Is there anything that functions similar to a cam P. S. that is called something else? Like something referring to timing or ignition?

moi wrote at 2013-01-29 23:08:38
i've read and read how there is NO cam shaft position sensor but i found this.....

now what is the story

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