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hellow sir,

I am an indian. we are planning to shift at yanbu for job. i have a son, 5 year old he is studding in UKG. so should i continue his study as per indian school rules or i have to repeat his KG as he will complete 5th year in march. is it friendly for us? hows lifestyle and can a woman go outside alone for house hold shopping within so area?

There is an Indian School in Yanbu, if your child's future lies in India and not in the US or Canada, the logical choice would be for him to continue in that system.  

YIS had recently made serious changes to their entrance requirements.  A child who is not fluent in English would probably not be admitted.  A child who is fluent in English and hasn't had a good deal of school experience, would probably not be admitted.  If a child were to demonstrate the requirements for entrance, placement is made based upon age.  

Yanbu is friendly enough, lots of Indians around in Yanbu and they all seem to make do.

Women do go shopping and to the doctor without too much harassment.  I think being dark skinned and non-Muslim can make that a bit complicated but, again, lots seem to make to.

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All kinds of issues dealing with children transitioning to Saudi Arabia (specifically Yanbu and Jubail). This is particularly the case if your moving from the US. Can I find special ed. services in Yanbu? How do my child's High School credits transfer from or to an American or Canadian school? What kinds of activities are available either independently our through schools in the Yanbu/Jubail area? What are the schools like in Yanbu and Jubail?


My wife and I have spent the last four years in Saudi, three years in Jubail and one in Yanbu. We both work for the International Schools Group. I'm a counselor/vice-principal and my wife is a teacher. We've worked abroad now for 8 years, spending four years in Taskent, Uzbekistan before coming here. However, as I'm part of ISG, I have access to a vast range of experiences and knowledge. ISG has several hundred employees in seven campuses, if I don't know the answer about something educational, I can find somebody who does.

National Education Association(NEA), National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), National Association of School Counselors (NASC)

Bachelor degree in Elementary education-Licensed in Kansas to teach math, reading, science, elementary counseling and secondary counseling (12 years experience in the US), Masters Degree in Counseling, Certified Professional Counselor (Kansas Licensed), currently working on an administrative degree. My Wife-- bachelor early childhood special ed., Masters in Early Childhood Education, Masters in Early Childhood Special ed. 8 years working in early childhood Special ed in the US-- We both have course work in ESL, enough for a license endorsement, but we've not actually done it

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