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Myself Vishwanatha V, Indian and will be transferring to Jeddah, in the month of July 2013, before i accept the transfer, want to know the cost of living at Jeddah. Please suggest for the following:
1. Rent cost per annum - with in Compound or Flat other than compound.
2. Hiring of car per annum
3. Driving License cost - if they issue to Non Saudi People
4. Grossorries cost per year (Vegetarian)
5. Maintenance Cost per month
6. Is any semi furnished houses are available for rent
7. Cost of Arabic Classes (Personnel interest to learn Arabic)

You don't need an education specialist, you need a realtor.  Everyone I know is an expat for whom housing is included in our contract.  For taxes, I make an estimate about how much my company pays towards that rent.  

1.  Compounds in Yanbu, with security, a shop, a gym, pools and beach, start at around 130,000 SAR annually.  Had a friend who rented a nice sized house in the RC, unfurnished for about 90,000 SAR annually.  I once knew a Saudi guy who had a 2 bedroom apartment (maybe, hard to tell in the Saudi style houses) and I think he said it was running about 3,000 SAR, but don't quote me on that.

2.  Runs about 3,000 SAR/month or about 100 SAR/day to rent a car in Yanbu.  That is a car, not a car and driver.  Renting a driver for the day in Jeddah runs a westerner about 100 SAR/hour

3.  When I got my license this last time around they charged me 400 SAR for the renewal, that is quite a jump from the 90 SAR I paid the first time.

4. For we meat eaters, it runs my family of 3 about 600 SAR/week.  If you ate more rice and fewer steaks, it would be less.

5. For maintenance on the house, I call the compound office and ask them to come do it, costs me nothing.  For my car, an oil change with Toyota parts and oil is about 100 SAR (150 if they change the air filter).  I just put 4 new Bridgestone tires on my RAV4 and it cost me 1800 SAR, mounted.

6.  Arabian Homes in Jeddah will make you whatever deal you want in terms of furnishing, nothing to everything.

7.  I suppose it depends upon how often and qualifications, there seems to be a good range of fees depending upon how academic the course is.  I took this course a year ago and it does what it says it will for $142.00 USD.

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All kinds of issues dealing with children transitioning to Saudi Arabia (specifically Yanbu and Jubail). This is particularly the case if your moving from the US. Can I find special ed. services in Yanbu? How do my child's High School credits transfer from or to an American or Canadian school? What kinds of activities are available either independently our through schools in the Yanbu/Jubail area? What are the schools like in Yanbu and Jubail?


My wife and I have spent the last four years in Saudi, three years in Jubail and one in Yanbu. We both work for the International Schools Group. I'm a counselor/vice-principal and my wife is a teacher. We've worked abroad now for 8 years, spending four years in Taskent, Uzbekistan before coming here. However, as I'm part of ISG, I have access to a vast range of experiences and knowledge. ISG has several hundred employees in seven campuses, if I don't know the answer about something educational, I can find somebody who does.

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