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I left Saudi Arabiain 1996. At that time I owed a lot of money on my credit card and had been unable to pay. I have a new chance to go to Saudi now with a new passport and new passport number. Will I be detained at the airport and deported?
I am sure I was blacklisted for the debt but that was with the old passport and it was 17 years ago. Please advise. Thank you.

I am not an expert on Saudi law, but I think you're a bit confused.

In the US, if you owe money to a bank, they will hound you about it.  You won't be able to get another loan or another credit card.  It will effect your ability to get a job where you might have access to someone else's money.  They won't have you arrested and thrown in jail.

In Saudi Arabia, the phone company maintains a black list of people who owe them small amounts of money.  They won't turn your phone back on if you don't pay the money.  They will put your name on a list such that you will be stopped at immigration and not allowed to leave Saudi.  I believe that they will let you in, just not out.  They will also not throw you in jail

If you owe a bank a large sum of money, say you neglected to pay off or return the car for a car loan.  The bank won't make you another loan, but they will also give your name to the police and your name will go on a list of criminals.  If you re-enter the country you will be arrested and held till you pay off the loan.  They will throw you in jail.

I suspect there is a point where dead-beat becomes criminal, but I don't know what that point is and it would take a lawyer to figure it out.  It was a long time ago that you left the country.  So, which list were you on when you left Saudi?  A dead-beat might be ok, they may have let it go.  A criminal warrant for defrauding the bank, I'll bet they won't have forgotten about.

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