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Cammyally wrote at 2012-03-16 11:29:10
I f you contact Yamaha Customer Services they tell you the age of your horn from  the serial number.Thay are very helpful....Yours sounds early 90's...Sax Dad

lc wrote at 2014-11-26 04:23:06
I supposedly have the first prototype shipped to a retailer in the United States.  I purchased mine from a friend, professional musician, and music store owner in Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley. I was working at the store while a teenager in school and needed a step up to start pro work as I was already an advanced player.  

My friend (store owner) said Yamaha shipped it to him to test the market and get responses.  So I bought way under market value and have never parted with mine.  An amazing horn!

I bought my horn in '73 and I have a 9xxx serial number.  So, I would suspect your horn is late '73/early '74.  Not sure how many per year were produced back then.  Enjoy your horn if you still have it.  I am seeing this post 3 years after the fact.

L.C. (40 year professional studio/touring player from L.A.)


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