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how old is a sax with the serial number 408125 silverton made in elkheart


The sax you have is what is referred to as a stencil model. This means it was made one company and then sold to another who "stenciled" their name on it. The Silvertone saxes were made by the Selmer USA company. Today they are the Conn-Selmer company.

The horn you have is basically the original Bundy student model saxophone with a few minor cosmetic changes. In 1963, Selmer USA bought out the Buescher company and begin making all the Buescher saxophones as student models. So this horns body and basic design is based on the legendary Buescher Aristocrat, but with changes to make production easier and cheaper.

The horn you have was most likely made in the mid to late 60's. I don't know how long the Silvertone line was produced or who they were distributed through. (Maybe Sears) The serial number is of little value as a stencil model does not use the same system as the parent company.

If the horn is in good shape, it should be a great beginning saxophone. The old Bundys can take a beating and come back strong. Unlike many of the student horns being produced today.

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