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I have an alt selmer with M 224460 and are not sure if it's a version 6 or 7. Cant se if it says VI or VII. Can you help me?



According to the "official" Selmer Paris serial number list, you should have a Mark VI although a very late one. I would estimate the manufacture date to be somewhere in the early 1970's.

It was not uncommon for Selmer to make saxophones that were intended for the military. Often those would not have any engraving anywhere! The only markings would be the logo and serial number. So the horn you own could have been in the military at some point. If your looking for the Mark VI engraving it should be on the front of the horn on the O-ring that connects the bell to the bow. If it's not there it doesn't mean it's not a Mark VI.  

The way to tell for sure if you have a Mark VI for sure is the size of the pinky keys. The Mark VI had a normal set about the same as most modern saxophones. The Mark VII had very large "ergonomic" pinky keys. This was one of the reasons the Mark VI didn't catch on as the keys were uncomfortable for most players.

I hope this help and good luck.

Charles Harris  


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