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Saxophone/Value of my Bundy tenor and what a BunduII


QUESTION: Hello Mr. Cantera. I see you've been busy. I have a Bundy tenor I bought new in 1963, 64 or 65 and cared for extremely well for the 9 years I played in school and private bands. I played it last to open the 1974 N.C. Collegiate Jazz Festival in Chapel Hill. It has been in it's hard-shell case since then. A few months ago I had it repadded and corked. The springs are fine and I have 3 custom mouthpieces for it. It has genuine MOP keys and posts and the gold lacquer is fine with no dents or rust. Please tell me how much it's worth. Also, what is a Bundy 2 and are they more or less valuable than my sax that just says Bundy on it and where would I fine the serial number?

Thank YOU very much! I am also here at in Creative Writing and Writing Books so appreciate your work and rate generously(if that concerns you). I also go by tutorjb1

ANSWER: Some of these horns can bring good $ - it is a positive that you are the sole owner and have taken good care of the horn. I found a 1964 model for that sold recently for $500 - but the lacquer was in poor condition - if yours is indeed better - you might add another $75 or $100.  If the entire horn is in super playing condition - add another $200 (or the value of the work you had done). Your serial number may be around right hand the thumb rest or below that near the bottom turn of the horn.

Bundy II is NOT a better horn - it is a student model made on the cheap starting around 1970.

Thanks and good luck!

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QUESTION: Hello again, Mr Cantera! I'm extremely sorry to be so long getting back to you. I've had to put myself on vacation due to a great many disability-related issues and paperwork and completely forgot about I haven't been at Allexperts long, but have a few previous Answers in Creative Writing and Writing Books. I wore myself out at, so am trying to take it easy here.

A Great Many Physical and Personal Problems have suddenly made an appearance that require immediate attention and a disabled friend from needs my help as well as a disabled questioner I met here when she asked me a few questions. I've been busy helping people with serious problems, though not at while dealing with my own profound, painful disability. Kindly forgive my apparent neglect of your efforts on my behalf. I truly appreciate them.

First, I know I Have been the sole owner of my Bundy tenor and cared for it extremely well. The first expert I asked for an estimate here(I don't recall his name, but he had played and taught sax for decades, but didn't seem to know anything about jazz--there's a photo of him in some sort of Marching-band outfit) told me $650-$1250. I've also been pricing Bundy tenors at eBay and those selling for $500 and less appear in terrible shape, I've seen a few for $800 and one recently(the closest to mine) for $1200. The repad and cork cost me $400 at Duncan Music in Winston-Salem(where I bought it in the early 1960s). Duncan recently moved or closed, unfortunately. When I bought mine 50 years ago,I traded in an Elkart Alto from the 1950s and paid $300 for it. I'd also like to know the average price Now for a NEW Bundy tenor at a walk-in music store; not an online discount outfit and how much my 3, nice custom mouthpieces add to the value of mine. I'd still be playing it if my left arm hadn't been paralyzed in 1974, the reason my sax has sat safely in its hard-shell case the past 38 years. I'm not looking to be coddled, I just want to know the most I could sell it for. Thank You Very Much. P.S: It says BUNDY made by Selmer on the right side below the "bell" with one long and two short words below that that have faded so I can't tell what they say. I didn't see the serial number anywhere near the right thumb rest/support. I wish you would help me with any of these questions/concerns you can and Thank You again!

The average new Selmer Bundy student model horn is about $900 - $1,100.  I would need to see a picture of yours to be more accurate in assessing value. The best thing to do is to bring it to a shop where they can play it and give you a better valuation.  Good luck :)


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