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Saxophone/1927 evette schAeffer alto sax model 293xx


Hello Mr. Harries. I thank you ahead of time for your response. I had this sax in my family for a longtime, I use to play when I was a child but stopped. My dad passed away and found it again in the attic. It is a Buffet Evette Schaffer sax, I think it's an alto. As i search the interrnet it seems it was made between. 1926-1927. I want to repair it, new pads polish itup some etc. as I want to start playing again. Would  you be able to tell me what i have here. It it that old, it it expensive?



Is it old? Is it expensive?... It could be that old and it could be a very expensive collector model sax. Or it may not...

The Buffet company was bought in the mid 1880's by Paul Evette and Ernest Schaeffer. The first saxophones they made were quite advanced for their time, but considering the saxophone itself was barely 40 years old, they were still a long way from what we would consider a modern saxophone as a result they experimented a bunch with this line. Eventually the Evette Schaeffer instruments would become Buffet's student line but that didn't occur until the early 1930's. So if the horn you have is dated to 1926-27, I would need to know the serial number and see a few pictures to know exactly what you have and if it is one of the more rare experimental models or if it's one of the more common student instruments that would become the student line.

If you could send me a few photos to my e-mail I would love to take a look at them. I would need to see the engraving on the bell as well as the key clusters for the right and left hands. Also a photo of the neck would be great.

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