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I appologize if this is a question you have already answered.
I have a Dixon Alto Sax 863814 1450
In good condition with the exception of the bottom large pad needing replacement.
Could you please give mew an idea of resale value?
Appreciate your time....thank you


I belive I may have answered a question similar to this one about a Dixon Saxophone. The Dixon is a student level "Stencil" instrument made in the far east, most likely China. The quality of these instruments vary from poor to fairly good.

The reason they are called "Stencils" is a manufacture will make them and "stencil" the name of the buyer on the instrument. So theres no good way to track the manufacture or if parts are needed it may be difficult to obtain them. Many repair techs will refuse to work on them.

Also I apologize  for the delay in getting you an answer, the holiday season has been very busy here.

Thanks again
Charles Harris  


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