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Conn sop. sax
Conn sop. sax  
I would like to know the value of my Conn silver straight soprano saxophone.  It was patented on Dec.8,1914 and has a serial number M226790.  It was brought from low pitch to standard A440 by Marvin Kranz in St. Louis Woodwind and Brass Repair who most Saint Louis Symphony woodwind and brass players go to for care of their instruments.  He has done all of my work on clarinets and saxes for more than 20 years.


Thanks for the question. You have a very nice horn there. I know many collectors who would love to get their hands on one like this. This is a Conn "New Wonder" manufactured around 1929-30. Personally, I like the sound of these instruments but I'm not a huge fan of the over all feel. The mechanism is a bit dated and I have a difficult time getting my hands around the palm keys. But it was the way these old horns were designed and it's a necessary evil.

I always like to warn potential sellers of instruments like these that the value of anything is simply the price a buyer and seller can agree on. There is no set value for anything. That being said, instruments like this are currently selling between $700 to $1200, and that all depends on condition, age, wear and tear, and region. If your in New York, New Orleans, or L.A. you might expect to pay a bit more than you would compared to the rest of the country.

I've seen sellers ask for over $2000 for these, but they are not selling for that. A few years ago before the economy imploded, you may have been able to get that price, but not now. People are looking for deals and sellers are looking for cash. This has driven the price of saxophones and most other instruments to around half of what they were prior.

I hope this helps and good luck.

Charles Harris.  


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