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QUESTION: Hello dear Harris

I'm buying an old CONN sax serial number N208992.
This is a good saxophone?
The price is around $ 600.00 (R$ 1,200.00), it is worth so much?
I am an old man who wants to learn to play saxophone.

thank you very much



I have to say I'm sorry, but you didn't give me much information to go on. The only thing I can tell you by the serial number is the sax was made in 1970 in the Elkhart Indiana factory. Other than that I just don't have enough information. In 1970 Conn was making student and professional level saxophones so it could be a number of different models. But if they are asking $600 US even if it was a student model and in good condition than I would say it was worth it.

If you can send me some photos, or a model number I might be able to tell you more.

Charles Harris

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Sax alto CONN Geral
Sax alto CONN Geral  

sax alto CONN Bell
sax alto CONN Bell  
QUESTION: Hello Harris

I added a photo to help you identify the saxophone CONN SN N208992.

thank you very much, Im sorry for this situation, now do you have enough information?



Thank you for the pictures and this cleared things up a quite a bit. Also I need to correct myself, at the time this horn was produced Conn was making horns in Indiana and New Mexico. This is one of the New Mexico Conns or as some say "Tex-Mex" Conns. These were Conns low end student models. They are good horns when they are in playable condition, but they tend to go out of adjustment easily and are hard to work on. If the seller is asking $600 than that horn had better be in perfect condition. I can tell by the pictures it is not. For the money he is asking, you would do better to find a used Selmer AS-500 or AS-600, A used Yamaha YAS-23, or Jupiter 600 or 700 series.

I would steer clear of this horn for now.

I hope that helps.

Charles Harris  


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