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Saxophone/Saxophone Winston serial number 19390020.


Dear Harris

I have an alto saxophone Winston SN 19390020 and have no information about it. You can help me.

thank you



The Winston saxophones have been around since the early 1990's. They are a Chinese manufactured instrument of low to poor quality. They got their start back when Kenny G became popular and were able to jump start their company offering "inexpensive" soprano saxophones to the general public. I had the dis-pleasure of trying to fix a few of these early instruments and I don't recommend anyone getting one. They make work fine out of the box, but after a month or two of use they begin to have problems with pads falling out, screws and rods backing out, felts and corks falling off, etc. Also they use the cheapest possible pad that is prone to leak and to add insult to injury use a lower quality brass that bends easy. Therefore these horn tend to leak and play out of tune. Just all around not a great instrument.

There have been a number of brands that have come and gone since the Winston line was introduced, however many of them either improved dramatically, or they went away. Some how or another Winston has been able to stick and are still making the same low quality instrument they did back in the 1990's. If you do an on line search for these you will now see they are selling them in multiple colors, and that seems to be the selling point, not how well the horn plays. I would recommend getting rid of this horn and finding a good used Bundy II, Yamaha 23, Selmer AS-600, etc.

Sorry for the bad news.

Charles Harris  


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