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Saxophone/Value of a used Roland Meinl Alto Sax


Dear Sir, I have come into the possession of a used Roland Meinl Alto Sax  The serial number i have found is E09198 It was sent to me in the settling of an estate in Germany from a relative.
Could you please advise/educate me as to the possible value of this used sax.
Kindest regards  Percy van Doorn

These horns are plentiful and are 'cheaply' for the Euro market. It could be a decent horn for a new player but in general they are not considered valuable or collectible. If you must sell it, get it to a local shop where it can be played and assessed 'hands on'.  These come up occasionally on auction sites like e-bay and usually garner only minimal interest.  Without seeing or playing it - I'd guess between $200 and maybe $350 would be a replacement value.  


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