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We discovered my husband's high school sax in the attic.  It is marked The Kohler 57" . The following number is imprinted:38328.  What is the approximate value of this saxophone?  It does have a small area of tarnish, otherwise it is in good condition.  We also have Universal's  Fundamental Method for the Saxophone -A Graded Elementary Course by Henry Melnik copyright 1940.

Thanks for any assistance.  G


You gave me just enough information to give you one of two answers. One could be good the other really bad. If the sax is a Kohler, than what you have is most likely an East German knock off of a Kolhert. A Kolhert is a fantastic saxophone especially if it's a 57. However the Kohler company copied the Kolhert name and really did a sub par job of copying the sax. If you could send me some photos, I can give you a better idea of what you have.

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