V.Kohlerta Synove Kraslice, C.S.R saxophone I have had it for many years and now want to sell it don't know the value of it. It is still in original case. And also where I can find a buyer for this instrument . Please help thanx


Thanks for the question. This is not an easy one to answer as the Karslice instruments were made what used to be Czechoslovakia, (C.S.R. stands for Czech Socialist Republic) currently the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This area has a tradition of making quality musical instrument, especially violins, that goes back centuries. The Kraslice family was originally violin makers. However when the communist took over after WWII the Kraslice factories were nationalized into the communist system, thus quality control suffered considerably. The better materials often went to the military and what was left was sent to other industries. Musical instrument manufacturing was near the bottom of the list.

That being said, it's very difficult to place a value on these as over time they just got worse and worse. I've seen a few and I've never been to happy with them. There are exceptions and on occasion they produced some really nice instruments, but you have to go through a bunch to find just that one. I would recommend you sell it for what you can get. A good place might be Ebay or some other on line auction. Start the price low and see what you can do.

Sorry I don't have better news for you but that has been the majority of my experience with these instruments. I wish you the best of luck.

Charles Harris.  


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