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I have a nickel plated with gold wash sax numbers 1119954 m185324 and have now idea as to the value. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Charles - This is tough one to gauge on your description (even the numbers don't help much to determine condition or value or even age). If you could send a picture that would be really helpful.

If I had to make a snap guess-timate of the value without knowing almost anything about the condition or play-ability of the horn (not to mention if it is tenor or alto) I'd say somewhere between $200 and maybe $500.

In 98% of the cases I've valued - these kinds of horns just don't have much to offer collectors and even less to offer players. They are bountiful, outdated mechanically, and didn't have any outstanding characteristics to begin with. That being said - every now and again a rare gem or something with provenance comes to market which simply skews averages and gives hope to garage sale browsers and folks who have found an old horn in an attic... lol.

If you can't send a picture, then try to scout out a local shop where someone can give you a definitive identification and a hands on appraisal. Good luck!


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